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About us

BienVenue 2024 - About us

Paris hosts a number of major international sports events – like the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

With this in mind, the City of Paris would like to provide international stakeholders (companies, committees, federations, official sponsors, media, etc.) with a brand-new website – “bienVenue 2024” – listing all the outstanding venues and iconic sites that everyone can appropriate so they can hold their own events in the capital that are in keeping with the scale of the Olympics. A fully-fledged virtual showcase featuring the finest venues in Paris, bienVenue 2024 is designed to make it easier for professionals to engage in discussion and get in contact with one another. Its watchwords are responsiveness, transparency and quality. Paris is opening its doors. The Olympics is an opportunity for theatres, museums, foundations, squares, parks and gardens and sports venues, as well as the capital’s leading hotels and restaurants to host a whole range of events – from the smallest to the largest – so that everybody can enjoy a unique experience and discover the wealth of Paris’ heritage. Some Paris venues can now be booked for private events for the first time – they will be presented exclusively on the bienVenue 2024 website. At the same time, visitors will be granted special access to a number of public spaces (spaces owned by the State or public buildings), as well as to famous private venues. Paris tourism professionals, working alongside City representatives, are going to every effort to ensure that people receive a high-quality welcome, and can enjoy optimized and innovative services.

Our commitments: Provide carefully chosen venues… unusual spaces that meet highly specific criteria to do with hosting and organization, as well as sustainable commitments and accessibility.   

  • Make it easier for the best professionals in Paris to get in contact with one another.
  • Support clients looking for a venue or a service that meets their requirements (a festive or promotional venue, a logistics space, site office, etc.).
  • Showcase infrastructure, equipment and services made available to international stakeholders.

Our values: The City of Paris is doing everything possible to become the world’s most sustainable and responsible tourism capital. It is going to every effort to create innovative and ecologically exemplary offerings – it has a clean public transport system running on both roads and water, it is developing cycle tourism, it has adopted a zero-plastic strategy, it is committed to universal accessibility, etc.

  • The City of Paris is working alongside tourism professionals on the ground and in our arrondissements, helping to create alternative tourism itineraries in the capital itself and across the whole country, for both daytime and evening. The aim is to promote new districts that are less central – creative districts brimming with expertise.

Paris is the city that hosts the world: from the first universal exhibitions to COP 21 and Euro 2016 – Paris excels in staging major international events. Welcome to Paris! 


For any questions or to get any information about your registration on the bienVenue 2024 website: bienvenue2024@paris.fr