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BienVenue 2024 - FAQs

BienVenue 2024 – how to use it – What are the website’s main assets and aims?

BienVenue 2024 is a website designed to put professionals in touch with one another who will showcase unique, atypical and prestigious Paris event venues. The various public and private venues featured will be available for forthcoming major international sports events.

Operators and Organizers can access bienVenue 2024 every day, 24 hours a day. Serving as a showcase for the finest spaces available in the capital, bienVenue 2024 facilitates discussion between players, guaranteeing reliable and high-quality information.  

I am the Operator of a Paris site. How can I register my establishment(s)?

If you are an Operator (of a public or private establishment in Paris with space that can be booked for private events), please register on the bienVenue 2024 website. Visit the homepage and then register under: “REGISTRATION”. You will find a registration form. Simply complete this form with your contact details and contact details for the venue. Provide a description of your establishment and the room(s) available for booking. Once you have done this, your request will be submitted to the City of Paris for approval.

Once your Operator form has been approved by our teams, you can edit the information you have given, or provide any additional information (details of new features, additional visuals, etc.). Your form is then uploaded and can be accessed by event Organizers booking spaces (request for quote, additional information, etc.).

What are the benefits for my establishments and how does it raise my profile?

The bienVenue 2024 is at the intersection of the professional world, institutions and sports events. It is a unique space in the tourism and events ecosystem. Your profile is significantly raised in the eyes of potential international event organizers seeking to stage sports events.  

In addition to other websites and search engines available on the market, it lists a wide variety of venues that can be booked for private events – including some which can now be booked for the first time. The professionals listed on the website – be they Organizers or Operators – also have the backing of the City of Paris. This is evidence of the trust placed in them and of the serious approach to selecting the venues and events showcased on the site.

When it is launched and throughout the time it is in operation, the bienVenue 2024 website will get communications & marketing support so as to publicize it among events agencies, companies and other clients. Your establishment will benefit from this raised profile and these promotional campaigns both in France and internationally.


I am an Organizer looking for a Paris venue to stage an event. What can this website do for me?

If you are a company looking for a site or an events agency to function as an intermediary, you can find out about various Paris venues that can be booked while the major sports events are taking place.

Without registering with the website, you can perform a quick preliminary search of sites that meet your criteria (geographical or for the type of event that you are seeking to organize) and get some initial general information.

If, however, you need more detailed information and want to contact site operators, you will need to register with the website by going to the homepage and looking under: “REGISTRATION”. You will find a registration form.

Once your registration has been approved, you can browse all of the Operator sheets and contact them with requests for more information or quotes.

How to contact the bienVenue 2024 teams

For any questions or to get any information about your registration on the bienVenue 2024 website: bienvenue2024@paris.fr